Hard box collection

imperial box


Price : € 32
Imperial perfume can be likened to a rich lady, preparing for a grand party on a cold winter night in...
black label box

Black label

Price : € 32
It is a cool and bitter masculine fragrance. Top notes are pineapple, bergamot, black currant and apple. Middle notes include...
neverland box

Never land

Price : € 32
Designed for men, this fresh fragrance combines fruity notes of grapefruit with woody notes of bay leaf and patchouli for...
blue label box

Blue label

Price : € 32
Louis Alavia Blue Label perfume is spicy and woody with top notes of bergamot and oregano, middle notes of fragrant...
pink odor

Pink odor

Price : € 32
Pink Edor perfume is suitable for energetic and luxurious women who like to look unique and special in the company...
rouge box


Price : € 32
Louis Alavia Rouge perfume has a warm, sweet and spicy scent and is classified in the oriental, woody fragrance group....