King Richard Salicornia is a sophisticated men's fragrance inspired by 18th-century nobles. Combining herbal freshness, warm leather, and precious woods with saffron and praline, it offers a modern twist centered on the legendary oud note for lasting tranquility.
€ 96


King Richard Salicornia is a fragrance for modern men, inspired by the nobles and aristocrats of the Richard Palace in the 18th century. It’s an authentic fragrance that combines brilliance and shadow. With a blend that mixes rare and exquisite ingredients, it offers a fresh look at French perfumery tradition in the 18th century. The captivating freshness of herbal notes quickly transitions to a warm and gentle sensation of leather alongside a symphony of precious woods. The softness and sweetness of this blend, accompanied by saffron notes and hidden praline accord, create an extraordinary and modern twist focused on the legendary oud note. The oud note, wrapped in a framework of contrasts, reveals its radiant purity, which is the source of a stable tranquility, leaving its mark on the skin.

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